[Histonet] Frozen sections for IF

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Mon Jun 20 18:40:55 CDT 2005

I have stored tissue (and even slides) for years at -80 deg C in 
proper containers with no deleterious effects on cutting quality or 
morphology. In addition, I have stained cut sections stored at -80 
deg C for a year in proper containers with no deleterious effects on 
the antigens I was staining for (CD31 human and mouse, EGFR, B220 and 
other similar antigens).

It all really depends on how the tissue was stored and the antigen of 
interest. But as Joe pointed out, fresher is always better and 


At 3:29 PM -0500 6/20/05, Joe Nocito wrote:
>welcome to histology. My experience with tissue frozen in OCT is that it can
>last for about a year, if the tissue doesn't go through a freeze-thaw cycle,
>like in those no-frost freezers.
>Slides always should be stained as soon as possible after cutting. The most
>we ever let slides sit for IF is over a 3 day weekend. -80 is always better
>than -20. We cut control slides for IF two months ago and the tissue started
>loosing its antigenicity 6 weeks after at -20. Good luck
>Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
>Histology Manager
>Pathology Reference Lab
>San Antonio, TX
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>Hi Histonetters,
>   So, I'm pretty new to histology and I have several questions about frozen
>sections.  I would really appreciate your help!  First of all, how long are
>frozen tissues good for after freezing in tissue tek OTC?  Is it better to
>store at -20 C or -80 C?  Also, how long are sections on slides good for
>before you have stained and how should you store them (i.e. in a slide box
>in the freezer)?  How far in advance can you cut your sections before
>staining them?
>   Thanks so much for you help!


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