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Fri Jun 17 19:39:46 CDT 2005

Hi Steve,

One of the nicest, simplest stains for elastic fibres (large, small, and 
tiny) is orcein. The fibres are deep purple and no differentiation steps 
are involved. It's an ideal method for mass production. However, the 
purple of the elastin does not contrast well with the red of the van 
Gieson. Aldehyde fuchsin is also great for elastic fibres, does not 
require differentiation, and is reliable. Its contrast with van Gieson 
is not great though.

A number of years ago, Keith Gordon and I wrote up a method in 
Bancroft's Theory and Practice of Histological Techniquers that used a 
dye called Dahlia, one of the triphenylmethane dyes related to the basic 
fuchsins. This method gave very good, reliable results, needed no 
differentiation, and stained the elastic fibres a very dark blue (almost 
black) that contrasted nicely with the van Gieson. The stain solution is 
essentially a varaint of aldehyde fuchsin, but uses dahlia in place of 
the fuchsin.

Paul Bradbury
Kamloops, BC, Canada

Steven Coakley wrote:

>Good morning everyone,
>Is there any elastic stain thats reliable for batch staining, that still give the domonstration of fine/course of a good  VVG?  Also has anyone  the potassium permanganate/oxalic acid prior to the elastic working solution to achieve better staining of elastic fibers?  Any opinions on whether using sodium thiosulfate or 95% alcohol is better for removing the iodine?
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