[Histonet] Guava apoptosis assay suite

Satoshi Akima sakima <@t> bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 17 03:10:50 CDT 2005

Dear list members,

does anybody have any experience yet with using this system to detect  

It's a new product but any opinions out there???


"...new Guava Apoptosis Assay Suite for detecting activated caspases.  
Guava Assay Suite uses a fluorescent caspase-specific inhibitor to  
identify individual apoptotic cells. The assays are optimized for 96- 
well plates so you can easily test multiple conditions and even  
screen clones or compounds using these assays.

Guava Apoptosis Assay Suite simply adds to the expanding menu of  
assays that researchers can use for cancer research on the Guava  
systems. Since all the assays can be done on one platform, one  
scientist can characterize cellular reactions to multiple compounds  
in a single day (download the poster).

All the Guava assays are optimized for the Guava microcytometry  
systems. Compact and light, these truly benchtop systems provide the  
power of flow cytometry analysis right in your own laboratory. The  
Guava EasyCyte is a five-parameter, three color system that can assay  
your samples directly from 96-well plates and is ideal for screening  
compounds, assessing tranfections or studying apoptosis pathways. The  
systems are easy to use and require minimal maintenance so you don’t  
have to have a dedicated technician for it.

  Learn more about Guava assays and the Guava EasyCyte."

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