[Histonet] One of our own in need ! Please Read

Vinnie Della Speranza dellav <@t> musc.edu
Thu Jun 16 11:01:24 CDT 2005

I am taking the liberty of sharing a correspondence I've had with a fellow Histotech who is facing some very difficult circumstances involving her baby's serious illness. I know that histotechs have big hearts and I would just like to make it possible for you to be aware of Lisa's circumstances. I am also hopeful that some of you may be able to offer her additional advice on where she might obtain financial support.

you will need to scroll to the very bottom to see Lisa's first correspondence with me.

I apologize in advance to anyone who may object to what may appear as fundraising on the list. I am simply making Lisa's circumstances known to you on her behalf.
also, please forgive the lengthy message. her original message to me had a photo of her child attached but I know the list does not allow for attachments so it has been removed. I imagine that you can obtain the photo if you wish directly from Lisa. I have removed her home phone number from her original message at her request.

It is circumstances like hers that remind me of what is most important in life . I'm sure that your prayers and good wishes would be most welcomed

Vinnie Della Speranza

>>> "lisa barbarisi" <bali02 <@t> cox.net> 06/16/05 01:56AM >>>
Hello  The address that I gave you for the Funds for Lisa was incomplete I 
corrected it below.
Thanks again,
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> Dear Vinnie,
> Thank you for your response. I did not think of posting on the Histonet. 
> It sounds like a good idea. I would however like to keep my home phone 
> number out of the letter and please do add the web site
> www.alysa-anne.com  it is now up and is just wonderful.  I was told that 
> it is still being worked on as they are going to add a guest book for 
> people to sign in on. Also, I would appreciate it if you mentioned the 
> "Funds for Lisa" account #44699 any donations may be sent to:
> Funds for Lisa Account 44699
> Research Administration
> Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
   13400 East Shea Blvd.
> Scottsdale, AZ 85259
> All donations are tax deductible and a donation receipt will be sent as 
> long as the name and address are included either on the check or the 
> envelope.
> I do appreciate all of the information that you sent there are some that I 
> have not called and I will do so. It is so hard to take the time needed to 
> research and call people so it is wonderful when others offer a hand. 
> Thank you for your wonderful suggestion.
> Please forward what you post on the Histonet and the link. I have trouble 
> keeping track of things so having them in a e-mail helps me keep track. I 
> appreciate your help with this.
> Thank you so much for your help I look forward to hearing from you again.
> Lisa & Alysa Anne
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> Subject: Re: Fw: Fund raising at the national convention
> Dear Lisa,
> I cannot tell you how sad I am to learn of your circumstances and of 
> course your baby's illness. I have no doubt that this is a very difficult 
> time for you and I imagine that many could not begin to imagine the 
> challenges you are facing as a result. I know that you have been a member 
> of NSH for the last few years and everyone understands your lack of recent 
> participation. I will pray that yours and Alysa's circumstances begin to 
> improve.
> to be quite frank, I am struggling with figuring out how we might help 
> you. I would probably have to consult with the society's attorney due to 
> our non-profit status. fund raising of any sort could create unforeseen 
> problems for the society. given this concern, I don't believe that the 
> society could sanction  or conduct formal fundraising on your behalf.
> I do not know if you have considered placing your letter on Histonet. I 
> would be happy to do this for you if you indicate that you would like me 
> to do so. The Histonet list reaches histotechs from around the globe and 
> is an independent group not constrained by tax and corporate laws. I don't 
> speak for that group but I've found that histotechs have big hearts and 
> at the least someone more knowledgeable than I may be a source of valuable 
> information that might ease your circumstances. I hope you will consider 
> this avenue and as I've said, I would be happy to post your letter to me 
> on that list.
> our Executive Director, Carrie Diamond, has pulled some information from 
> the American Cancer Society website that addresses avenues for financial 
> assistance for circumstances like yours. I apologize if you are already 
> aware of this information but here it is:
> from American Cancer Society website.
> Where can families get help financially?
> Most families find it difficult to turn to others or to agencies and
> funds for financial help. Families generally take pride in being
> self-sufficient and providing for their own needs. The extra expenses of
> a child's cancer may be for the first time with problems with money.
> They should remember that their problems in such a situation are
> temporary and not unique. In the future, they may be the ones in a
> position to offer financial help to others.
> There are several possible sources of help for families in financial need:
>    * income assistance for low-income families through Supplemental
>      Security Income (SSI) benefits
>    * income assistance for needy families from the Aid to Families with
>      Dependent Children (AFDC) program
>    * help with travel, meals and lodging from public and private programs
>    * assistance with basic living costs (rent, mortgage, insurance
>      premiums, utilities, telephone) from public and private programs
>    * help from church, civic, social, and fraternal groups in the
>      community
>    * general help from special funds in the medical center or community
>    * assistance from targeted fundraising for an individual patient or
>      family.
> Organizations
> American Cancer Society, Inc. 800-227-2345
> Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation 800-366-2223
> Corporate Angel Network, Inc. 866-328-1313
> National Children's Cancer Society 800-532-6459
> National Marrow Donor Program 800-627-7692
> National Patient Air Transport Hotline 800-296-1217
> Ronald McDonald House Charities 630-623-7048
> The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 800-955-4572
> Organizations (Government):
> U.S. Department of Labor (COBRA information)
> Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration 800-998-7542 (Publications
> only) 202-219-8776
> Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Right Division, Disability Rights
> Section 800-514-0301
> Hill-Burton Program 800-638-0742
> Internal Revenue Service (publications) 800-829-3676 800-829-1040
> (Assistance and Information)
> National Cancer Institute 800-422-6237
> Social Security Administration (SSI information) 800-772-1213
> Other Resources:
> American Brain Tumor Association 800-886-2282
> American Kidney Fund 800-638-8299
> Bone Marrow Transplant Information Network 888-597-7674
> Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, Inc. 770-458-5554
> Children's Organ Transplant Association, Inc. 800-366-2682
> Cancervive 310-203-9232
> Curesearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation 800-458-6223
> Lymphoma Research Foundation of America 800-500-9976
> National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses, Inc. 800-542-9730
> National Association of Personal Financial Advisors 800-366-2732
> National Bone Marrow Transplant Link 800-546-5268
> National Brain Tumor Foundation 800-934-2873
> National Children's Cancer Society 800-532-6459
> National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship 877-622-7937
> National Foundation for Credit Counseling 800-388-2227
> National Information Center for Children and
> Youth with Disabilities 800-695-0285
> National Insurance Consumer Helpline 800-942-4242
> National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. 800-999-6673
> National Self-Help Clearinghouse 212-817-1822
> National Transplant Assistance Fund 800-642-8399
> Oley Foundation, Inc. (nutritional information) 800-776-6539
> Patient Advocate Foundation 800-532-5274
> Other Organizations (Government):
> National Cancer Institute (NCI)
> Cancer Information Service 800-422-6237
> Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 800-311-3435
> Department of Health and Human Services 877-696-6775
> Medicare Hotline 800-633-4227
> National Health Information Center 800-336-4797
> Veterans Benefits Administration 800-827-1000
> U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
> I hope that you will let us know when the website you are planning is up 
> and running so it will be easier for people to offer donations.
> God bless you both.
> sincerely
> Vinnie Della Speranza
> President, National Society for Histotechnology
>>>> "lisa barbarisi" <bali02 <@t> cox.net> 06/10/05 02:37AM >>>
> Please read. I was not sure who to send this to so I tried to include 
> everyone.
> Thank you in advance for your time. Prayers are very welcome also.
> Lisa A. Barbarisi HT(ASCP)
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> Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 11:17 PM
> Subject: Fund raising at the national convention
> Hello All,
> I am writing to ask for help in the form of a fundraiser at the national 
> convention. I am an HT( ASCP) certified Histotech who has worked in the 
> field of histotechnology for over eighteen years. I worked as the 
> coordinator of the histology research facility at the Mayo Clinic I am 
> currently on unpaid leave.
> After almost three years of fertility treatments and 
> invitro-fertilizations I spent all of my savings and took out a second 
> mortgage on my home and I was finally blessed to become pregnant. I gave 
> birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 30th 2004.
> I am a single first time mom with one income of which is zero at the 
> moment since I am on an unpaid leave from my current position at the Mayo 
> Clinic research facility as a Histotech. I am looking for financial help. 
> My beautiful baby girl Alysa Anne was diagnosed with stage four 
> neuroblastoma on March 25th 2004 she was not yet seven months old. She has 
> had surgery to try and remove the primary tumor with no luck. She is 
> currently undergoing chemotherapy to try and shrink the primary tumor 
> which is located on her right adrenal gland and there are tumors present 
> in her liver (to many to count), bone marrow, her bones base of her skull, 
> chest bone, around both of her eyes and her pathology is unfavorable. I 
> have been told by her oncologist that this is going to be a long hard road 
> for both my daughter and I. Between the chemotherapy there are doctors 
> visits twice and sometimes three times a week to check her progress and 
> also her blood counts. She is on daily shots of Neupogen and multiple 
> medications. How is such a small body going to take so much? I just can't 
> believe this is happening.
> I'm sorry, I could go on, but you may not be interested in helping me and 
> I will understand. I am at the end of my rope. I know that many people may 
> ask for help, but I just had to try. My daughter is my life and I will do 
> whatever I have to to help her fight this horrible disease . I was unable 
> to attend the NSH convention last year in Canada as my daughter had 
> finally blessed me with her arrival (she was over a week late and after a 
> long hard labor I finally had to have a c-section). I will not be able to 
> attend this year either since my daughter is having chemotherapy she just 
> made it through her third round. I feel helpless watching the poison being 
> pumped inter her little body thru a port in her chest.
> I wonder if there is anyone who would like to take on this huge 
> undertaking of either a fundraiser or maybe just taking donations to the 
> "Funds for Lisa" a not for profit account set up by a co-worker who wanted 
> to help me.
> If anyone is interested I would be so happy. Please  e-mail me at bali02 <@t> cox.net . There will be a 
> website that is not as far as I know up and running it will tell more 
> about me and my daughter. It will also have updates on her progress. Once 
> I get word that it is up and running I can e-mail the site.
> I would appreciate a response even if it is negative.
> I have to beat this MONSTER called NEUROBLASTOMA to save my daughter .
> Sincerely,
> Lisa A. Barbarisi
> Picture of Alysa Anne at six months old three weeks before diagnosis is 
> attached.
> I

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