[Histonet] fish scales decalcification

Emeline emelinepg <@t> yahoo.com.br
Sun Jun 12 09:40:34 CDT 2005

I am from Brazil, and I just subscribed this list, please forgive me if my English isn't good!
I'm trying to study the skin of a flatfish, but something is wrong.
I tried to decalcify the scales with EDTA, but it was very slow and didn't work. Then I used Davidson's fixative for 2 weeks and more, and it worked, but when I tried to section it, the tissues scattered in the histological bath, and I lost the material. I found that lower temperatures of the bath were less dangerous to the tissues, but still damages them.
I don't know what to do to preserve the structure of the entire skin, with all of its layers. I didn't tried nitric acid, formic acid or anyone else. Maybe the problem is in the fixative/decalcifier, or maybe it is in the sectioning, I really don't know.
Have anyone worked with this kind of material? I just want some tips that might help.

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