[Histonet] erythroid precursor marker for bone marrow, IF

Sharon Cooperman scoop <@t> mail.nih.gov
Sat Jun 11 16:17:52 CDT 2005

Dear Histonetters,

I'm trying to find an antibody to use for a marker for erythroid 
precursors in mouse bone marrow.  I'm able to use TER-119 in FFPE 
tissue using DAB but when I do immunofluorescence there's too much 
background fluorescence.  I managed to quench the background 
fluorescence by fixing in methacarn and then leaving the sections in 
3% H2O2/50% methanol for several hours, but then TER-119 wouldn't 
stain the sections (other abs worked so I must have damaged the 
antigen).  I'm thinking about trying cd235a/glycoophorin A either 
clone HIR2 or JC159.  Any suggestions?

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