[Histonet] processor input

Anita Jennings ajennings <@t> unmc.edu
Fri Jun 10 08:23:32 CDT 2005

I have read up on some of the opinions about processors, I know there were
more, but my searches are coming up thin and I need input asap since it is
the end of the fiscal year for us
I am in the market for a tissue processor, I want the Shandon/Thermo,
mostly because I have a great rep, but I am willing to believe all the
companies have reps like him, the admins aka powers that be and have the
$$$ want some specs on other units and I would be interested to know who
can compete with Thermo on what they offer....I am looking at the
I would wait to see what is out there when I go to NSH C/S but my present
processor is acting up and I have to replace it soon


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