[Histonet] Is PTAH sensible to autolysis?

Barbara Bublava barbara.bublava <@t> meduniwien.ac.at
Wed Jun 8 06:18:52 CDT 2005

Hi everyone

Working in forensic medicine different stages of "autolysis" are a problem I have to deal with.
Sometimes PTAH is beautiful, sometimes there is nearly no stain or some fibres are stained, some not or sometimes half the fibre is stained. 

Is it possible that "autolysis" is the problem?

What is the maximum I can expect with this unsolvable problem?

I postfix with Bouin over night at RT, do Kaliumpermanganate and oxalic acid 5 min each (or Lugo´s over night and sodiumthisulfate). I do rinse well with tap water and distilled water bevor I go to the staining solution. There is no staining at RT over night, 2 h at 52°C gives "best" results. PTAH is ripend with Kaliumpermanganate

Thanks for help and patience

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