[Histonet] Lung prep

Tiffany Bohlmann bohlmta <@t> auburn.edu
Tue Jun 7 14:44:40 CDT 2005

Hello all.  I'm sorry if this is a no brainer... I have searched and
searched for the answer... including the histonet archives.  If you air
infuse a lung and fix in gluteraldehyde, will this wash out any edema
that was in the alveoli?  Will edema be washed out with ordinary
purfusion fixation (I'd assume not since we do see it?)?  If you did
want to air purfuse a lung for fixation, what would you have to do to
keep edema intact?  Thank you for any suggestions you may have for me!

Tiffany Bohlmann
Auburn University Collage of Veterinary Medicine
bohlmta <@t> auburn.edu

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