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Fri Jul 29 13:44:04 CDT 2005


   I  have Tie2-GFP labeled mice. I try to image the cerebral vasculature
   through  a  glass  cranial  window mounted on the surface of the brain
   after I remove the bone. A week after the window installment, I wanted
   to  image  the  animal under a fluorescein microscope, but I could not
   see  anything.  The vessels  were  supposed  to  be emitting the green
   fluorescein light.

   I  am  wondering  if the  light emitted from GFP source, under a glass
   cranial window where the vessels are exposed to daylight all the time,
   bleaches despite the continuos GFP production.

   I  would  appreciate  any information or idea you guys come up with to
   help me solve this issue. Thanks a lot!!


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