[Histonet] endogen biotin in prostata?

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Wed Jul 27 23:16:05 CDT 2005

You can just add your strep-HRP or ABC step to a section (without primary
or secondary) and if you get signal it is surely from the biotin
endogenous to the tissue. It is a good control to run in any given

Biotin is tricky as it often appears in very "specific" patterns and is
often misinterpreted as real staining.

I also agree HIER can dramatically increase biotin signal.

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>> Hi,
>> Since a few weeks our 34betaE12 shows granular spots in the cytoplasma
>> of
>> some cells in the prostata-slide. They look really sprinkled, but not in
>> all. Could that be endogen biotin?
>> Or appears biotin more homogen? Please help an unknowing histotech.
>> Gudrun Lang

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