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The Technovit 8100 is the same as JB-4 Plus which has a second polymer to 
make the GMA remain clearer and somewhat less brittle.  As Don was kind 
enough to give you the number for EBS I shall not repeat and you can reach 
Polysciences at 800-523-2575.

Pam Marcum

At 05:11 PM 7/25/2005, Gayle Callis wrote:
>I don't recall plastic type of Historesin since it has been out of 
>circulation for a while in USA,  but if this is GMA, buy Technovits 7100
>If it is the methylmethacrylate, MMA then buy Technovits 9100.
>Electron Microscopy Sciences sells both kits.  These are excellent products.
>At 02:07 PM 7/25/2005, you wrote:
>>I have a colleague looking to buy some historesin.  Apparently it is
>>made by Leica (in Germany), and they will no longer ship it to the US.
>>Is there a company here that can sell it, or a similar product?
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