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Mon Jul 25 09:27:33 CDT 2005


You did not say what temperature you were cutting at?  However, with 
sucrose cryoprotected tissue, we prefer -26C (colder)  or the sucrose 
begins to ooze out of the block like Karo syrup. That is a bit colder than 
what we would cut unfixed, fresh liver, at -17C for this very homogenous 
tissue.  So play with the temperatures a bit.

  We also blot excess sucrose from the tissue a bit before snap freezing 
just to have a good interface with the OCT.  With the cryoprotected tissue, 
cutting too arm may help cause the folding.  We do use brush technic, and 
the sections should come off perfectly flat - sharp blade (new edge) is a 
good idea too.

Good luck

  At 01:27 PM 7/22/2005, you wrote:
>Something a "tad" new for me here.  I've never sectioned 4%Para liver 
>infiltrated with 30% sucrose.  They sectioned well but the slide appear to 
>be loaded with what appears to be folds throughout.  Not what I routinely 
>see on regular unfixed FS.  Is this normal for fixed sucrose infiltrated 
>sections.  Are there any special techniques when dealing with this special 

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