[Histonet] tissue falling off slides

Zhenming Yu zyu <@t> mail.med.upenn.edu
Thu Jul 21 12:02:49 CDT 2005

Thanks to so many of you for the very helpful responses to my last question 
regarding chatter in fly head paraffin section. It turned out that we probably 
had over-processed the fly heads in alcohol and xylene. We are modifying our 
protocols and keeping our fingers crossed that the problem will be solved soon.

Also I got another question that I hope you guys can help with---we sometimes 
ran across the problem of patches of tissue coming off slides. Could this also 
be attributed to over exposure of the heads to alcohol and xylene during 
processing? We have been using Superfrost Plus slides from Fisher---is any 
further slide treatment necessary? We usually lay ribbons (5 or 7 micron 
thick) of paraffin sections on the water surface in a 38°C water bath for less 
than one minute (too short?) before loading to a slide. Then the slide was kept 
in the vertical position for about 30 minutes to dry and incubated in a 37 
incubator overnight for further drying. 

Any thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks. 

Zhenming Yu 
Univ. of Penn
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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