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I assume in the UK we would have to get permission to sample and retain
these controls? Organ retention et al is something we Brits must be very
aware of.

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In our lab, we are making icc controls to mirror conditions for same
of cytology specimen.  Normal tonsil, appendix, and skin (from a breast
reduction) are good controls for many IHC's.  We just call surgery and
them to send us some fresh when we see it on the schedule.  After gross
dictation and sectioning, we take positive charged slides and make touch
preps, smears, and swish a section in a thin prep bottle.  After slides
have dried, I package a few at a time in transport tubes, seal with
parafilm and place in a freezer.  The thin prep bottle is refrigerated.
document the case number it was collected from, then validate.  When we
have an ICC on something we don't have cyto controls on, we use standard
FFPE controls.  So far, it has worked great.
Any comments?

We also use a daily stain validation sheet with these catagories:
acceptable, unacceptable, comments, signature, action taken, and tech.
side is for routine and special stains, flip over and the other side is
IHC's.  We take to the pathologist in charge for that week with the
slides of the day.

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we use paraffin controls for any cytology specimen. I wish we could keep
some cyto prep controls available, but we just don't have the room, nor
             During my CAP inspection in January, it wasn't an issue, 50
other items
were an issue, but not using FFPE controls with cytology


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Can I ask you all, what do you use as controls when doing ICC on
cytospin preps or smears?  Since there isn't much sample, do you use
paraffin sections as positive controls and is that adequate control
measures?  We currently only use paraffin cytoblocks but considering ICC
thin layer cytology preps and wondering what control material to use.
Thanks for your help.

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