[Histonet] loss of cells on cytology preps

renafail <@t> bellsouth.net renafail <@t> bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 20 04:36:12 CDT 2005

We have the same problems with controls and have to use our paraffin
sections for controls.  We also have an issue with loss of cells on
cytology preps.  Some are brought to us already stained and coverslipped
others in 95%. We air dry the slides and put them in the oven an hour
before staining  Since doing this I have had only one case where all the
cells washed off and one where some large patches washed off.  Antigen
retrieval is not performed on cytology preps. One of the pathologist is
vehemently opposed to placing the specimens on the autostainer, she
fells it blows the cells off. But slides hand stained are subjected to
more vigorous washing from the wash bottles.  Besides the problem of
cells washing off, she is on one side insisting on hand runs, the
manager is on the other saying absolutely no hand runs. With the volume
we have I would prefer they go on the autostainer. Any other ideas for
keeping the cells on the slides?
Rena Fail 

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