[Histonet] microwave tissue processors

Pereira, Laurie Laurie.Pereira <@t> sdcounty.ca.gov
Thu Jul 14 12:18:42 CDT 2005

Hello Everyone,

We are a small Veterinary Pathology laboratory and our Pathologist would like to look into a Microwave Tissue Processor.  He would like to know the pros and cons of such a processor.  We would only need a 30 specimen processor.  How long do the tissues need to fix in formalin before using the microwave?  Does the specimen need to be fresh or can it be 3 days up to 2 weeks old possibly autolyzed?  Does the processor use more alcohols?  We would appreciate any feedback from techs that have had experience with using the microwave processors.  Thank you in advance.

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