[Histonet] Punch set for Beecher Tissue Microarray. .

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On and off I heard they are still in business and then they were not.  Does 
anyone know if they are still viable or have sold to another company or out 
of business completely?  If one can not reach them it makes it very 
questionable about ordering anything or whether they can meet demand.  I 
know they were always hard to reach in the past.  It is great little 
instrument as I have taken a couple of MTA classes with it and it was easy 
to use.

Pam Macrum

At 09:18 AM 7/12/2005, Henry, Charlene wrote:
>Good luck trying to get through to them. I ordered a tissue arrayer in
>November, 2004 and have not received it yet. Maybe they need to hire
>some help.
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>I have been trying for weeks to get in touch with someone at Beecher
>Instruments so that I may reorder some punch sets for our Beecher Tissue
>Microarrayer and have had no success. I have tried emails, phone calls
>faxes.   Does anyone know where else I may purchase .6 mm, 1.0mm or 2.0
>punch sets?  Any help or insight you can give me would be greatly
>Joyce Judge
>Cytomyx, LLC
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