[Histonet] RE: stent techniques anyone???

Linda Jenkins jlinda <@t> ces.clemson.edu
Fri Feb 25 13:48:30 CST 2005

You stated:
"ok...here is one where i need some guidance.....post mortem manangement of
coronary artery stents....those little metal mesh things...should i push the
clot out and section it??
gil corrigan msmdphd tigergil <@t> aol.com     best practise anyone???
ps we are starting a computer section in the aafs ...in case you known some
forensic nurds...send them to tigergil <@t> aol.com"

         Removing the stent or clot can remove a lot of valuable 
information regarding biocompatibility.  A better choice would be to embed 
the section in plastic (methyl methacrylate, glycol methacrylate, etc.) and 
then section on an automated microtome with tungsten carbide blade or slab 
section with a diamond coated blade and grind the sample to the desired 
thinness.  Of course, this requires specialized equipment and technical 
skill that many routine clinical labs may not have.  You might want to 
consider sending these out for contract work.
         The private contract labs that process stents on a routine basis 
have some really good procedures BUT cannot (unfortunately) share with 
others as they are bound by non-disclosure agreements.
         If you are familiar with plastics, you may want to give it a try!
         Good Luck,

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