[Histonet] cryosections

Till, Renee TillRenee <@t> uams.edu
Thu Feb 24 09:48:05 CST 2005

Hello.  Our research group just purchased our first cryostat. Until now,
anytime cryosections were needed we had to send out our tissues to
another lab. Is there a good book or other source for general
information about cryosectioning? I am the only histotech in the group,
but have had virtually no experience with cryosections. I know the other
general techs that also do some histology are going to come to me with
all their questions. We basically need to know anything and everything.
Due to the volume of tissues, sectioning won't be performed right as the
tissues are removed from the animal. How do you store them? Do you fix,
and when? What type of slides are best? How do you store the slides
after cryosectioning? Are there specific considerations to take into
account as far as fixing, or anything else depending on the tissue or
what stains will be performed on it? For example, I know already that
there will be some heart and aorta sectioned for fat stains, some pig
gi, possibly mammary gland, uterus, and mouse lung with b-gal. 

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can give me.





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