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First, my job description would have to be finalized and pay raise set
before I opened my first specimen jar.  Once you have started the duties
your employer has lost his incentive to get this done.  As far as pay
raise is concerned it would really depend on the extent of your grossing
and time involved.  Personally I think the raise negotiations should
start at $5.00 for small biopsies and increase with the level of
specimen difficulty.  The biggest problem I have found is that people
tend to underestimate their worth.  The only other option for grossing
is a pathologist or pathologists' assistant and you would still be a
steal with a $5.00 raise.  If you enjoy grossing you should apply to one
of the PA schools.  It is only an additional two years of school, one of
which is actual grossing at clinical sites.  I teach second year PA
students from Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago and my two
students that graduate in April have already signed great contracts.
Good Luck
Charles Embrey PA(ASCP)
Urbana, IL  

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Just a quick question.. . what is the average pay increase to go from
a standard histotech, to a grossing tech? (with a B.S.) And, how long
on average should it take to see it in your job description and your

C. Fockler

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