[Histonet] mouse skin biopsies

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Thu Feb 17 08:50:16 CST 2005

I had the pleasure a few years back to work on the preliminary studies for
UpJohn. We had a mouse line that lost its hair and they took advantage of
these guys to see if  they could regrow hair with the application of
Depending on what your final needs are this may be of some help. We were
looking mostly for morphological changes in hair growth.
We fixed our skin punches in modified Carnoy's (95%ETOH/5%AcA) followed by
3X15 min changes of 100% ETOH 2X15min Xylenes
2X30 min paraffin with vacuum.
Not sure if the reference has the actual procedure but the above was
routine in the lab.

Knapp, L.W. and Dawson, W.D. 1991. Morphological Analysis of Hair in the
hr-2 Mutant Deer Mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus). J. Heredity 82:431.

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