[Histonet] blue flourescent nuclear dyes

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Hi Gayle,

It is supposed to work on live and dead cells, I've only used it on
fixed cells, but others in our lab have used live ones.


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Interesting fluorescent dye.  It says for use in live cells, but have
tried it with fixed cells.  DAPI will work on fixed cells, and we have
same problem with our CLSM - did not have the laser for exciting the

Thanks for the information on Biostatus, it has been filed away!!

At 03:32 PM 2/9/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Barbara,
>We use Draq-5 and we get it from Biostatus in the UK. Their website is
>http://www.biostatus.co.uk/.  It is supposed to work in the far-red
>range, but some of our researchers have reported an excitation in 488nm
>and 568 nm as well.  I personally have not witnessed this.
>Hope this helps,
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>We are just beginning flourescent staining for confocal microscopy in
>our lab, and our confocal microscope did not come with a UV laser, so
>cannot detect DAPI as a nuclear stain.  We've been told to use Draque 5
>(sp) which emits blue in visible light instead of DAPI to counterstain
>nuclei.  I cannot for the life of me find any info on this dye.
>Molecular Probes offers a blue flourescent nuclear dye called BOBO-1
>iodide.  Does anyone out there in histoland have any information about
>Draque 5, where to purchase it,  or has anyone tried the BOBO-1 from
>Moleculare Probes?  Or does anyone use an alternative nuclear dye?  We
>plan to triple stain using nuclear dye/ Alexa Flour 488/ Alexa Flour
>so I need something that does not overlap too much with the 488.
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