[Histonet] blue flourescent nuclear dyes

Barbara Osborn bosborn <@t> hsc.usf.edu
Wed Feb 9 14:57:50 CST 2005

We are just beginning flourescent staining for confocal microscopy in our lab, and our confocal microscope did not come with a UV laser, so we cannot detect DAPI as a nuclear stain.  We've been told to use Draque 5 (sp) which emits blue in visible light instead of DAPI to counterstain nuclei.  I cannot for the life of me find any info on this dye.  Molecular Probes offers a blue flourescent nuclear dye called BOBO-1 iodide.  Does anyone out there in histoland have any information about Draque 5, where to purchase it,  or has anyone tried the BOBO-1 from Moleculare Probes?  Or does anyone use an alternative nuclear dye?  We plan to triple stain using nuclear dye/ Alexa Flour 488/ Alexa Flour 568 so I need something that does not overlap too much with the 488.  Thanks.

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