[Histonet] avian/biotin block

Emerson, Rachael Rachael_Emerson <@t> URMC.Rochester.edu
Thu Feb 3 13:31:51 CST 2005

Let me try to sum up a long story and get to my question......
Basically I am staining mouse embryos-frozen sections, for megakaryocytes.
I had trouble with endogenous AP and 15% acetic acid seemed to help. I am
having trouble with endogenous biotin, as well.  I tried Vector's
Avidin/Biotin Blocking Kit and lost my signal all together.  I am looking
for a surface antigen and I am afraid the kit blocked it all.

I would really appreciate any suggestions on blocking endogenous biotin on
frozen sections?

Also, I tried to us an AP secondary, but my signal was dimished.

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