[Histonet] Mouse liver fixation

Andrew MacDuff Andrew.MacDuff <@t> ed.ac.uk
Tue Feb 1 06:12:51 CST 2005

Dear All

Thanks for your great advice last time on fixing mouse lungs. You'll be glad to know we've got it working and have some nice H+E slides and the immunos will be staring soon.
Can you help again? My boss has decided to look at the mouse's liver as well (poor thing!) and I'd be grateful if you have any tips on fixing liver. Can you just remove the liver and place it in a vial of formalin or does it need perfused etc?
Looking forward to hearing from you all again.

Andrew MacDuff
Clinical Research Fellow
Wilkie Laboratory
Medical School
Edinburgh University
Teviot Place
andrew.macduff <@t> ed.ac.uk

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