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   Hi Amanda,

   From my experiments with X-gal as chromogen for IHC techniques it
   appeared that the blue-greenish reaction product (with X-gal +
   ferro/ferricyanide) is very stable and survives any mounting medium.
   You may dehydrate and mount organically.

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   Subject  [Histonet] aqueous mounting medium

   I have stained whole tissues for beta-galactosidase (X-gal) and am now
   cryosectioning the tissues. I have been fixing the sections in 4% PFA
   overnight at 4 degrees Celsius and cover slipping with 70% glycerol.
   Coverslipping  with  glycerol  is a time-consuming pain in the butt so
   checked  out  glycerol  vinyl  alcohol aqueous (GVA) mounting solution
   and Supermount aqueous mounting medium (Biogenex) as alternatives. It
   appears  that  these  products  have  not  been  tested  with beta-gal
   so I'm wondering if people use these products and/or  what people
   recommend. Thanks.
   Amanda MacFarlane, PhD
   Division of Nutritional Sciences
   Cornell University


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