[Histonet] Happy or Merry

Sharon Cooperman scoop <@t> mail.nih.gov
Fri Dec 23 20:49:29 CST 2005

Dear Histonetters,

I just want to wish all the Histonetters a very happy holiday and 
thank everyone for all the help they've given to me, a relatively 
ignorant non-histologist who occasionally attempts to do some IHC and 
histology.  In particular, thanks for attempting to answer and not 
making fun of my stupider question.  Most of the histotechs and other 
histonetters I've met online and in person seem to be among those 
people who do what they do primarily to help and make a difference 
for others and you all deserve to be recognized at this time of year!

Thanks and have a great holiday!
Sharon Cooperman        	     <scoop <@t> mail.nih.gov>
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