[Histonet] Peloris Processor

Pam Marcum mucram11 <@t> comcast.net
Fri Dec 23 14:11:56 CST 2005

Hi All,

I know it is just before the holiday however, I need some input please.  Does anyone have the Peloris processor?  How is it working out for you?  I have a PI who thinks it would be a great idea for his research and he has some money to spent.    I think it is burning a hole in his pocket and he heard about microwave processing and had to have one.  If you want to answer offline directly to me that is fine.  

I just don't enough about this to say yes or no and he wants to put it in my lab.  I don't really need it as we do bone both non and decalcified.  Please help with anything you know.  

Pam Marcum

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