[Histonet] MMA sections falling off

Nancy W. Troiano nancy.troiano <@t> yale.edu
Wed Dec 21 06:20:53 CST 2005

We use Chrome-alum gel coated slides and prepare them as 
follows:   dissolve 9 g gelatin(Fisher #G8-500) per 1000 ml distilled water 
(solution A) while gently heating solution.  Dissolve 4 g Chromium 
Potassium Sulfate (Fisher #C337-500) in distilled water (solution 
B).  Prepare gelatin solution for slide dip:  Mix 500 ml Solution a with 
19.25 ml solution B.  Heat to 70-75 Deg. C, dip slides 2 -4 minutes in this 
solution.  Allow to dry vertically, then put in hot oven overnight (60 deg. 
C).  To adhere sections to slides we place the 5 micron MMA sections on 
slide, spread with 70% ethanol, cover with a piece of plastic and stack 
slides then clamp with an office clamp.  Put slides in 37deg C oven for two 
nights or for one night in 60 deg C oven (don't do the hot oven if you are 
subsequently staining for enzymes).  For immuno we mount our 5 micron 
plastic sections on hybridization slides from Scientific Device Laboratory, 
Cat. #063 and place in hot oven 60 deg C overnite.  Hope this helps!

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