[Histonet] Mouse Autoradiography of fixed frozen tissue

Jamie E Erickson jamie.erickson <@t> abbott.com
Fri Dec 16 13:19:56 CST 2005

Hello everyone,
                          I was hoping that I can get some assistance on a 
project I'm going to do. An Investigator here would like to look at 
radiolabeled mouse Sm. intestines for there specific radiolabeled protein. 
My problem is that I don't want to use our only processor to process 
radioactive material ( I 125 or H3, not sure yet) My other histology 
colleges may not like me so much if I did that.
       So I plan on fixing the material in 10% NBF (24-48 hours), washing 
in water (Blot)  then cryopreserving them (LN2 Isopentane). This way I can 
Cryosection and decontaminate the less used cryostat.  Next I  wash in 
water and lastly dipping slides in Photographic Emulsion and wait, and 
wait....My question is, has anyone done this that could help me out with 
the finer details and will this be OK?  I've done this with paraffin 
samples dip wait 2,4,7,14, 21, etc days for a signal, but not with 

If anyone has done this and could help me out I'd really appreciate it..



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