[Histonet] 10% formalin Fixation time for Non-Human Primate

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The bigger the specimen, the longer you need to fix - a whole canine nose? 
This may take two weeks or more.  If you cut it into slabs? Maybe up to a 
week depending on thickness of slabs.

I guess the main question is what do you do to the sample before you start 
fixation  - reduce in size? Cut into slabs?   If you cut open a bone or 
slab it after it has been in fixative and see it is still pink, go back to 
NBF - it isn't fixed.  Be sure to change the fixative once or twice during 
fixation of large bones, suspend in cheesecloth in NBF.   You might want to 
get rid of any air pockets in nasal passages by applying a vacuum briefly 
(you will see bubbles come off) This is to merely pull NBF into the vacant 
air spaces so fixative comes in contact with all surfaces 
efficiently.  Vacuum really doesn't affect speed of fixation as that is a 
chemical reaction.

Rat and Mouse whole heads with eye,  tongue and lower jaw 
disarticulated,  skin with ears dissected off skull, and brain removed - we 
like to fix a week and change the NBF once - use a large volume.   If you 
leave the brain in skull, or are not dissecting away cheek muscles, eyes, 
etc, - you may have to go 10 days to 2 weeks.

  At 07:25 AM 12/16/2005, you wrote:
>I am trying to find the fixation time in 10% NBF before the decal process 
>(13% formic acid)
>for non-human primate, canine, and rodent nasal cavities.  I would 
>appreciate any help someone could offer.
>Sharon Willman
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