[Histonet] Tissue Proccessing HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 10:17:35 CST 2005

Hi Jesús:
  If you have a new VIP5 that you think has a problem, try to check it out by the Sakura people so you can be sure it works properly.
  I don't think that the latch does not close properly (which you will have to excuse me for saying this) because VIP5 has a safety mechanism that will not allow to operate with a loose latch. Even if this is the case I don't think that some moisture (just a fraction of the air that may have entered the chamber) can influence a biopsy immersed in almost 4 liters of reagents.
  The problem most likely was due to the processing protocol and the ratio it has between the dehydtaring and the (antemedium+infiltrating) times which for small biopsies should be small.
  Finally I don't think that you will considerably improve the quality of the sections you have now by reprocessing that very small biopsy. In truth, there is not such a thing and a sucessesful "refixing" or "reprocessing".
  I would not jeopardize such a small biopsy with a "reprocessing" it by hand or otherwise.
  This is my opinion and I just hope it will help you.
  Rene J.

Jesus Ellin <JEllin <@t> yumaregional.org> wrote:
  Hello everyone I have a real problem here, We have just accquired a tissue proccesor (VIP 5) and found out the hard way like everything in Histology, there is a problem with the proccessing. Our pathologist are claiming that the small biopsies are coming out cooked, after reviewing the slide myself with the pathologist it is not a cooked looked but rather a glassy look and bubbly. Later found out that the latch of the tissue proccessor is not tight enough and is was allowing moisture in and there was a lot of condensation. I figured out what was wrong but here is the kicker.

My Pathologist is wanting to take one of the small biopsies that was proccessed and regress the tissue and then reproccess the small biopsy by hand instead of throwing it back on the tissue proccessor. The biopsy is about .1 mm very tiny. I need all the help that I can get!!!!!! So please fellow histo-netters share the knowledge with me.

Jesus Ellin
Yuma Regional Medical Center

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