[Histonet] Tissue Proccessing HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Ellin JEllin <@t> yumaregional.org
Wed Dec 14 06:58:27 CST 2005

What kind of tissue?  The tissue is a gastric biopsy
Was it 'dried out' before placing in fixative? No,  it is  brought over in Formalin and filtered and placed again in formalin.  the only time were it would be dryied would be in removal and we have no control over this, but I even doubt that.
What is your processing protocol  The protocol is has been used for about 25 years and we have not seen this but only 3 times.  We used another VIP that was about 14 years old and it is a work horse.  The problems before came from someone switching reagents around, and we cured that, the other was we check our alchols with a hydrometer and they were all fine, we even checked our xylene and nothing so we changed the entire machine and it cured it.  We have had this proccessor for only a week and when you go and run it it sounds if there is a leak.  I found it to have an excessive amount of condensation on the lid.  But the question I have is , CAN we reproccess the biopsy Manually of line and if so HOW??????  I agree that we are going to do more harm than good , but my pathologist is insisting that there is a way, So that is why I am asking can we do it, and if so how???  OR better yet if we can not someone give me reasons for why we can not do this.  What they are seeing is a glassy look, sort of like if you are caring water.  We think it is do to the fact that when you seal the proccessor or Latch it down that we are still getting moisture within the chamber.  We can hear a leek, of air escaping the chamber that it is not tight enough.
In my humble opinion - reprocessing this small bx will just make it
worse.   I totally agree!!!!!!!!!

Anyone please Help on this one.

Jesus Ellin
Yuma Regional Medical Center

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