Protocols that have worked using BD PharminGen monoclonal Re: [Histonet] FFPE CD31 on mouse

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Here are two messages copied from Histonet Archives using CD31 BD Pharm MEC 
13.3, on FFPE murine tissues with success:

1. I have used a rat anti mouse CD31 from Pharmingen(BD Biosciences).Cat. 
#553370. I use a rabbit anti rat(mouse adsorbed)secondary-biotinylated,from 
Vector Labs. For retreival, use pepsin at 37C for 20-40 min. depending on 
fixation. I used the ABC detection from Vector with DAB.

2. If you are using the DAKO CD31 antibody - it will not react with mouse
endothelium.  Pharmigen CD31 (MEC13.3) works well on FFPE with Vectastain 
ABC followed by NEN TSA-kit.   Both work well on FFPE mouse tissues.
Barb Wright

Jamie Erickson supplied this info to me using BD Pharmingen clone, MEC 
13.3, 1.25 ug/ml concentration, using proteinase K digestion on FFPE tissue.

There may be more messages in Histonet Archives for this antibody

At 09:57 AM 12/13/2005, you wrote:
>I've been waiting for Santa Cruz to grow a new goat for the CD31 antibody
>that USED TO work on FFPE murine tissue - but with no luck.
>I've scoured the internet for two days looking for a viable replacement -
>Does anyone have a method for murine CD31 in FFPE that works without the
>Santa Cruz antibody?  I've tried the Pharmingen anti-mouse with AR - but
>it didn't work.  Boo.
>Jackie O'
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