[Histonet] Extracellular matrix proteins fixation.

Diego J. Rodríguez Gil Diego.RodriguezGil <@t> yale.edu
Fri Dec 2 09:41:35 CST 2005

Hi everybody:

   I am brand new on the list, so I do not know if this question was posted
before. I apologize for this.
   I am trying to characterize a family of secreted proteins in the Nervous
System by immunohistochemistry, and with the regular fixation protocol that we
used (intracardiac perfusion with 4% PFA), I am not getting any good results.
Not even after some antigen-retrieval procedures. Before trying random things,
does anybody have a good protocol to get extracellular proteins well fixed? It
doesn't matter if it is set up for some other tissue, I would be glad to try
other protocol(s) if there are any available.
   Thank you very much for your help,
   Best regards,

Diego J. Rodríguez Gil
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Yale University School of Medicine
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