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I have never left a deparaffinized section in distilled water for staining 
next day - personally, doing the deparaffinization doesn't really take that 
long in the first place.  I'm not very trusting of leaving sections in 
distilled water, even though Distilled H2)  is supposed to be "pure", I 
worry about some funky contaminant growing overnight, maybe this is a silly 

However, a little trick I learned from Nate Brinn (when he gave workshops 
on staining years ago) was deparaffinize through xylenes - just to remove 
paraffin and  air dry at that point.  We rinsed these sections with 95% 
alcohol, quick 70% then distilled water before staining protocols.  I have 
shipped slides that were deparaffinized a week  in advance of an H&E wet 
workshop and also a decalcified bone staining workshop, did this little 
technic and we had excellent staining results.

I don't think I would want to store these deparaffinzed sections for a long 
period of time particularly if IHC is needed nor some other stain that may 
be losing protection of paraffin or exposure to air that changes how the 
stain works.

At 06:46 AM 12/1/2005, you wrote:
>   I have heard that paraffin sections that have been deparaffinized and
>run down to DH20 but for some reason cannot be stained that day, can be
>left to air dry and then be placed back into H2O when they are ready for
>staining. Does anyone have any experience with this technique? I usually
>just leave them in DH2O till I can get to them, usually the next day.
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