[Histonet] Temp/Humidity Records?

Dawson, Glen GDawson <@t> dynacaremilwaukee.com
Tue Apr 26 08:16:38 CDT 2005

Just got back from vacation but I feel the need to comment on this.
Although I haven't heard of this one, it would not surprise me.
Documentation, documentation, documentation; it is the only thing between us
and utter chaos...give me a break.

Each day, my staff and I do our IHC runs that require heat.  My instructions
are very straight forward; unless the thermometer reads at least 97 degrees,
the run cannot continue.  If the bath isn't up to temp, the slides wait
until it is.  We check and check and check this same thermometer many times
a day and the heat runs don't continue until the magic number is reached.
Still, every day, we must lug the temperature log out and put in that entry.
Maybe this is a bad example but I don't see how writing an entry in a
temperature log for a reading we all know by heart is keeping the walls of
this lab from crumbling down.

At some point, doesn't the additional, meaningless documentations added onto
the CAP inspection roster become just that, meaningless.  I picture a person
somewhere in a dark room racking his or her brain 24/7 for more "required"
documentation for CAP inspections because every year I think that CAP
couldn't possibly come up with more things to document, they do.  

I'm rambling, long story short, I'm sick of all this documentation.

My Opinion,

Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI

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