[Histonet] plus slides

Elizabeth Chlipala liz <@t> premierlab.com
Thu Apr 7 13:09:41 CDT 2005

For all this is worth, here is my experience with plus slides.  I have
found no differences in tissue attachment in the following brands of
plus slides -
VWR, Fisher, Stat Labs superfrost plus and histobond slides - I would
use any one of these for immuno's without fear of losing my sections.  
I have tried Surgipaths snowcoat x-tra and some plus slide that Mercedes
Medical sells (made in China).  In my experience the immuno's I did with
the slides from surgipath and Mercedes medical, the tissue sections fell
of the slides (with both automated and very careful handling of manual
methods)  I would never use those slides for immunos or even fixed
frozen sections.  I cut some fixed tissue for frozen and used surgipaths
snowcoat extra and the sections fell off, but adhered just fine to the
the StatLab histobond slides.
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