[Histonet] Cryosectioning cryoprotected (30% sucrose) brain

Ben bjrenquist <@t> ucdavis.edu
Tue Apr 5 15:29:38 CDT 2005

Hello All,


I am attempting to slice sheep brainstem and hypothalamus on a cryostat at
-20 C.  The tissue was treated as such:


Perfusion through carotid artery (6L of 4% paraformaldehyde)

Postfixation for 24 hours at 4 C

Cryoprotected in a 20% sucrose solution for 5 days at 4 C

Cryoprotected in a 30% sucrose 30% ethylene glycol solution and stored at
-20 C.


I am having some major problems with slicing this tissue.  It appears to
never freeze.  Does anyone know at what temperature I should be slicing?
Any opinions on use of a vibratome instead of a cryostat?  I'm trying to
section tissue at 30-40 um.   Thanks in advance for your help.


Ben Renquist


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