[Histonet] HELP! "alien" bubbles ?

Dianne Holmes dholmes <@t> anatomy.umsmed.edu
Tue Apr 5 10:49:29 CDT 2005

I have just completed an immuno rxn on rabbit brain and have come up
with micro-bubbles that cant be de-hydrated?  I mounted and stained one
set of tissue with cresyl violet.  No rxn was done on this set and they
are perfect.  Next day, I ran 2 sets through immunos.  One with BDA and
the other a BDA/PHAL .   Dehydrated as usual , mounted with Cytoseal 60
and checking it under the scope (because these bubbles can not be seen
while coverslipping) the sections are "surrounded"  by bubbles and on
the perpherals of the tissue but none on the inner cells?  Repeated a
couple of slides with a longer dehydration step and it made NO
difference.  I would expect to see 'less' of the bubbles but it was
unchanged?   Anyone have any idea what is going on?? 

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