[Histonet] unsuccessful PNA staining

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Mon Apr 4 11:09:34 CDT 2005

The method I sent is the one that comes from the Lectin Histochemistry 
(Brook, Leathem and Schumacher ISBN# 1 85996 100 2)  book and also from a 
workshop by Barb Wright (a magician at immuno and lectin staining).   Her 
method was taken from this book.    What I sent to you are guidelines, and 
you may need to work with concentrations (lectin-HRP), incubations, etc to 
make it work.

If you tell us exactly how you did the staining, then more suggestions can 
be made especially from others who do FFPE lectin work.  My successful 
lectin staining has been done on frozen sections and NOT FFPE and I used 
Vectors lectin.

The book, by the way, is inexpensive and wonderful source of information.

At 03:44 AM 4/4/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Gayle,
>I have been unsuccessful to stain germinal centres from bovine spleen and 
>lymphnodes (formalin fixed parafin embedded sections)with lectin 
>conjuagated to HRP as per the protocol suggetsed by you. Any suggestions, 

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