[Histonet] Technical Fees for frozen sections, anyone?

Flores, Teresa tflore <@t> lsuhsc.edu
Mon Apr 4 08:34:45 CDT 2005

A request of frozen sectioning heart and lung tissue on a research project
has been asked by a fellow doing this research.  He would like to know what
our lab would charge for "just frozen sectioning a couple of slides"
I, of course, informed the fellow that it would be $50.00 a slide, as
material is brought in over embedded in OCT and has to be trimmed down to
fit the molds used in the cryostat; the material is also brought unevenly
embedded; and there is always a "stat" deadline to meet due to a grant being
Has anyone else had to do this type of work and is willing to share what
they charged?
Thanking in advance to responses,
Teresa Flores
EM Lab
New Orleans, LA

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