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> I love my job. I love my job.  I love my job.   I'm paid what I consider a
> fair wage - after all, I agreed to the salary before I took this job -
> didn't we all?
> I agreed to the benefits, I agreed to the terms.  No one made me take this
> job, and no one makes me stay here.  I'm good at what I do, and my bosses
> appreciate, respect, and reward that.
> I've been in this business since 1970 - ASCP since 1971 - quit paying my
> ASCP dues around 1980, I guess. I lost my certificate with all the little
> stickers - the ASCP told me I would have to re-pay for all the lost
> stickers. So - no more stickers.   I've had 3 really great jobs in 35
> years, and about 15 that just plain sucked - but I've never had to stay
> somewhere I didn't like.   I followed my Navy husband around the country
> for 20 of those years, so I was never able to work anywhere more than 3
> years at a time - but I never EVER had trouble finding a good histology
> job where I was treated fairly.  I DID turn down many jobs that just
> didn't pay well, or had horrible working conditions.  I once turned down a
> good paying job at a world famous zoo because I was disgusted with the
> appearance of the working conditions behind the scenes.   I wasn't working
> for the love of histology - I was a Navy wife trying to supplement my
> husbands crummy income to raise 4 kids.  When he was deployed, and I was
> left alone with those 4 kids, the hospital I was working at ( a good plug
> for Sharp Memorial in San Diego) allowed me to adjust my schedule to
> accommodate what I needed to do to handle my kids.
> I've also learned that not every organization is willing to listen to an
> unhappy employee.  If your boss is keeping his boss happy, they really
> don't care if he's "mean" to you.  I remember going to HR at one place
> because my boss showed up for work apparently drunk - HR asked me "What do
> you want us to do about it?"   I worked in another place where the
> pathologist insisted she knew secrets about Elvis' death.  Worked another
> place where one of the pathologists was arrested for selling gold from
> full mouth dental extractions.  I've got a million of them.  I also worked
> at a hospital (1970's) where all the lab workers went out on strike (I was
> a scab - I was sent there to fill in from another hospital where I was
> employed - I didn't know the meaning of the word scab then).  The hospital
> fired ever single person who went on strike.
> Sometimes the light just has to come on before you realize there aren't
> many Nirvana's out there.
> I still have to work - I've still got 3 kids to finish college - I know
> that if I lost this job tomorrow, I'd have to get another one -but I was
> looking for a job when I found this one.
> What do you want from the ASCP?  They haven't done anything for me in 25
> years - anything I've learned I've done on my own - and I've done well (I
> think).
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> Janet,
> I belong to a union.  If they were to strike then I would be expected to
> walk out.  BUT!!! As bad as it sounds...I would cross the picket line,
> because the patients that I serve have dermatological cancer and that's
> way more important than $$$...I am paid good already.  I just wish they
> gave us more vacation though as always...
> Robyn
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