[Histonet] PKK1 and M2A antibodies

Katri Tuomala katri <@t> cogeco.ca
Thu Sep 30 20:18:46 CDT 2004

Hi Histonetters,

One of our pathologists accessed the ImmunoQuery for a panel of antibodies for a certain differential diagnoses. The panel consisted among others a PKK1 and a M2A. Among thousands of antibodies available, how am I supposed to find out who carries these particular clones? I know PKK1 is a cytokeratin antibody, but who sells it? M2A I've never heard of. I tried searches in different antibody sites (abcam and The Antibody Resource Page) with no success.
Help, please!


Katri Tuomala
St.Joseph's Healthcare
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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