[Histonet] to clear things up...

Jennifer Brielmaier jbrielma <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 19:35:56 CDT 2004

To everyone who has been debating over my earlier post,
I would like to clear things up here. The question of the "mystery bottle" was a question asked by our teacher on an informal basis as something for us to think about until we could discuss it in the next week's class. It was NOT a graded assignment nor did it pertain to some kind of activity that I was supposed to perform on my own. I looked for the information in my textbook and did not find anything. I looked up a some information elsewhere on the Internet and was unable to find an answer. Our instructor has encouraged us to use the Histonet listserv as a resource. In fact, she frequently reads the postings and when she saw my post, she replied to me saying she was pleased I'd used Histonet. 
In the class meeting following the one where the question had been asked, we figured out the contents of the mystery bottle as a class, which is what we had planned to do all along. Ironically, the simple test she was thinking of to use was checking the pH, which is what I'd had in mind all along! Again, this was a simple, informal question asked of us, so I saw no problem with posting it to Histonet and neither did my instructor. 
Thanks to everyone who gave me helpful answers. I am a hard worker and I certainly know how to use a library. I feel a bit insulted by those who have implied otherwise...

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