[Histonet] Making Ralph Knives

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Steve, our EM lab has three knife makers, LKB's and another and we even have
a Ralph knife maker but with the workload and the time consuming preparing
of glass knives we have gone to sectioning our "thick" sections (we use
spurr epoxy) with the Diatome Histoknife, which have a larger cutting
surface, can be reused as long as you do not have a knick, and even then
they are guaranteed so many resharpenings by EMS. OK, enough of why we
switched, good luck.
Teresa Flores
New Orleans, LA

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Hi Histonetters,
Question: Has anyone modified their LKB 7800 EM Knife maker to make Ralph
knives? (I know that LKB actually made a dedicated Ralph maker however we
don't really want to buy one) It appears to me that if you were to exchange
the two contact points under the glass to a single strip contact i.e.. the
crack would propagate from the score line on the top surface of the glass to
an edge rather than two point contacts on the bottom edge of the glass. I
have found that that without any modification I can make a reasonable knife,
the with knife profile is OK but the cutting edge has two high points that
correspond to the contacts.
Any feed back would be much appreciated.

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