[Histonet] Digital camera setup for histology teaching

Mikael Niku mikael.niku <@t> helsinki.fi
Mon Sep 20 01:16:21 CDT 2004

Dear Histonetters,

we are planning to replace our old histology teaching equipment (an
analog video camera attached to the teacher's microscope + monitors for
the students) with new digital stuff (digital video camera + data

Please recommend a setup.
I have the following requirements in my mind:

- The idea is to display the view from the teacher's microscope on the

- We need LIVE image of course.

- A computer software supporting the teaching would be nice (for
example, allowing the teacher to draw on the live image, and perhaps
showing several simultaneous images from the memory on the screen).

- Max resolution of the projector is 1280x1024, so the camera doesn't
need a superb resolution. Good color reproduction is necessary, though,
as well as good automatic brightness adjustment.

- We need to fit the camera on the old Olympus BH2.

Thanks in advance.


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