[Histonet] Kappa Lambda

Histology SLU sluhisto <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Sep 17 11:58:20 CDT 2004

Hello all:
What we have is Lambda that works on B5 fixed clot and core sections and Kappa that only works on the B5 fixed clots.  We are getting nada in the B5 decaled cores.  We use B5 fixed tonsil as control and we put our patient samples on the same slide as the control.  Our controls are all working appropriately.  Any thoughts?????  We use Dako Envision + system and are using protease K for 5 minutes(any longer and our clots are eaten off).  The only variable that we have is that the cores are of course decaled for one hour.  All comments and suggestions are welcome.

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