[Histonet] CD31/PECAM in Rat Brain

Danielle Zalinski nsdnz <@t> neuro.hfh.edu
Wed Sep 15 12:54:36 CDT 2004

Hello Histonetters,
Our lab is interested in looking at CD31/PECAM  in rat brain tissue as a 
marker for neovessels.

We don't know anyone in our facility who has used this antibody 
extensively, so we are at a loss for deciding on a manufacturer.  Has 
anyone worked with this antibody and has a (successful) protocol and 
manufacturer that they prefer?
We would prefer a mouse monoclonal for double labeling, but polyclonal 
is ok, too.  Does anyone know if we will need to use any exotic 
fixation/retrieval techniques?  We want to be able to work out a 
protocol first in paraffin and may adapt to frozen sections later.
Thank you for any help you can provide, and if you need more info, 
please let me know,

Danielle Zalinski
Henry Ford Health System
Detroit, MI

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